Bloodhound’s Chronicle in Apex Legends comes to an end on a triumphant note

A story of dealing with guilt.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Bloodhound’s life has been marked by the kind of tragedy that goes accompanied by guilt, but the legend seems to have overcome their own regrets in today’s finale for Apex Legends’ first Chronicle.

Today’s double dose of lore picked up from where the second chapter left off. In the third part, Bloodhound continues tracking the Prowler while they are tormented by the White Raven, who speaks to the legend as a representation of their guilt. Bloodhound tracks the Prowler to the top of a mountain and decides to investigate after the game ends.

In the epilogue, players once again go to the Firing Range and take a dropship to their destination, not unlike the season eight Arenas teaser. The ship takes them to a mountain in World’s Edge, where they walk inside to find the wounded Prowler. The White Raven cranks up its taunting, saying Bloodhound was “meant to be Allfather’s knife, cutting our trail into the future.” Instead, they “play [their] games.”

“You are no Blódhundr,” the White Raven says. “You are a failure.”

After reaching the Prowler (and enduring the Raven’s harsh words), the game shows five floating Bloodhounds, with their eyes flared up. “You failed your móðir and faðir,” the Raven says. “You failed Boone. You failed your people. You failed your home.”

The White Raven’s voice blends in with Bloodhound’s for one final offense: “You have failed me,” they say.

Bloodhound responds, in anger: “No. I…. am… Blódhundr,” they say, doing their signature gesture for their ultimate. “Allfather guides all,” they tell the Raven. “My parents, Boone… to taka responsibility for all is to taka the power of the gods. I am no god. And I am not nothing. I am Blódhundr.”

The Chronicle ends with Bloodhound taking care of the Prowler. “Go to Valhalla knowing you are not alone,” they say.

The Chronicle showed Bloodhound’s struggle to cope with their guilt, which manifested in the form of the White Raven. In each chapter, the raven spoke to Bloodhound, and in each chapter, it blamed the legend for their so-called failures, including the deaths of their parents and their lover, Boone. The raven plays a central role in the storyline, representing Bloodhound’s deep shame and doubt. The end marks a pivotal moment for Bloodhound’s character, when the legend shed the blame and guilt for their perceived failures.

The Chronicle was Apex‘s first experiment into a new, “bite-sized” format that aims to condense story events into a new model. Its first three parts sent players looking for the White Raven across World’s Edge, from Lava Siphon to Skyhook, during regular matches as a way to blend the gameplay with the lore, telling the story in a less disruptive fashion.