Apex introduces ‘bite-sized’ in-game quest called Chronicles with Bloodhound’s story

Just follow the white raven.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ 10th season didn’t get a season-long quest. But Respawn just broke down why.

Starting tomorrow, players can embark on the first of the game’s Chronicles—”bite-sized story events” that blend gameplay and lore and offer players an opportunity to dive into the map and explore a story for themselves.

The first Chronicle is called “Old Ways, New Dawn” and follows the story of Bloodhound “as they try to save an injured prowler and deal with the guilt over their crumbling home world and past failures,” according to the official description. This is the culmination of several vital plot points in the Technological Tracker’s lore, such as the destruction of their home planet at the hands of Hammond Robotics and—judging by the “past failures”—could relate to the loss of their uncle Artur and their lover Boone.

To start the mission, players must play as Bloodhound on World’s Edge and find the white raven. Challenges will be “unique to Bloodhound and their abilities.” Chapters will unlock separately and depend on finishing the previous mission, but players can resume their journey from a checkpoint if they fail to finish it in one go.

Additionally, “players are assigned unique paths to chase,” according to Respawn. “So even if multiple Bloodhound players are going for the challenge at the same time, they’ll be able to avoid overlap with others.” This should decrease the chance of players going against other enemies while they chase the clues.

Finishing the Chronicle will give out “three Bloodhound-themed Apex packs” and battle pass stars, according to the official announcement.