Next Apex Legends patch to address sound issues, PC crashes

The update is apparently coming "early next week."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In response to one of the biggest complaints from Apex Legends players, Respawn has announced a patch for next week that will address several audio problems players have reported.

Respawn’s community manager, Jayfresh, said on Reddit the patch is coming “early next week” and that the developers had made improvements in the audio engine that will hopefully fix or at least make sound problems less common for players. The audio engine will be about 30 percent more CPU efficient, according to the patch notes.

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The volume and priority of close proximity enemy footsteps will also be increased in the upcoming patch after some players said nearby enemies were difficult to hear. The devs plan to push fixes to “eliminate many cases of incorrect hit registration,” as well as add a way to track bullet damage logic. Jayfresh explained Respawn expects there still to be hit registration issues, but the tracking system will make it easier for the devs to resolve these issues.

Jayfresh also said the developers have found a solution for the players reporting crashes while using Intel CPUs. He said this problem was the “most commonly reported PC crash” in the last month and Respawn has contacted Intel about the problem.

With changes to the sound system, enemy footsteps, and PC crashes, it’d be hard to imagine many players being upset about this update.

The full patch notes can be read on the Apex Legends subreddit.