Apex Legends fans snap back at developers for lack of updates for sound bugs

Bugs have been a huge problem for Apex Legends since its release.

Apex Legends devs
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

There have been many bugs that have plagued Apex Legends since its release a few months ago, but there may be no set of issues that have hampered Apex Legends more than the game’s significant sound problems. This has angered Apex players, to say the least.

Recently, a Reddit user spoke about how game sound was perfect on launch, but sounds now tear up and are almost unbearable to listen to. Respawn’s Jay “Jayfresh” Frechette responded by saying the developers were aware of the problems and that they would address the issue next week. Another Reddit user wasn’t satisified with Jayfresh’s comment, though.

“You ask us to be patient. We love the game and wanna see it succeed,”
the user’s comment began. “But you give us half ass answers like, ‘We don’t wanna work our devs too hard.’ Like seriously, push a hot patch. Fix one bug. Give us something.”

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This isn’t the first time the Apex Legends playerbase has felt slighted by the lack of any meaningful updates from the game devs, either. From a lack of new content, to various bugs, and a constant stream of hackers, many fans have felt there just hasn’t been enough effort from Respawn.

Respawn has already said it wants to improve communication with the Apex Legends community, so we will see if the team can take the steps necessary to reel back in the fans it has lost.

Unfortunately, this answer seemed like a cop-out for multiple users, with several Redditors pointing out that the Respawn team said they’d update the public the week before.