Apex players win match with horde of Nessies on their side during April Fools’ weekend

They’re moving in herds. They do move in herds.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A Nessie in Apex Legends might often be an innocent plush toy you see tucked away as an Easter egg or plastered up as a mascot on Apex merchandise. But for the weekend following April Fools’ Day this year, an army of aggressive Nessies can be at your disposal thanks to a limited-time Legendary variant of the Mozambique pistol.

The 2022 April Fools’ variant of the Mozambique, dubbed “Ol’ Nessie,” is hardly a meta pick. With only two rounds in the chamber and the Nessies that it spawns doing limited damage with even more limited health pools, you wouldn’t expect to get much beyond the entertainment value if you were hunting for wins. However, Reddit user Nick77372 recorded their defiance of the odds, as they launched a barrage of Nessies alongside their duo to secure the final kill of a battle royale match.

A full squad of legends might fare better against Ol’ Nessie, but the solo Pathfinder in the clip struggled in the face of two opponents with maxed-out Evo Shields dipping and diving around cover as they summon the horde. The Pathfinder’s attention is firmly on the opposing Caustic throughout the clip, giving him and his Valkyrie duo plenty of opportunities to keep spawning Nessies without their enemy trying to thin the herd.

The Pathfinder was seemingly unaware that the adorably squeaky creatures come equipped with the means to attack up close and at range, and Caustic and Valkyrie can only watch as the Pathfinder continues to not shoot at the pursuing Nessies that slowly chip away at their health bar. The player tries—and fails—to retreat across the shallow waters, but the Nessie at the front of the pack leaps at Pathfinder’s shins, dealing the final blow for the most unlikely of victories.

“I’d feel beyond blessed if I were killed by a Nessie careening towards me at Mach Jesus,” one commenter said. Many others seem to be in agreement, with requests for the Mozambique variant or guns similar to it to be added to Apex more permanently. “I wish they’d add a new LTM with only Nessie Mozambiques on the ground. That would be so fun,” another player wrote.

If you want to give Ol’ Nessie a spin for yourself, it’ll still be available in battle royale matches until noon CT on April 4. The gun is hidden away in strange clusters of eggs found on every battle royale map, waiting to be found and wielded by Apex players worthy of Nessie’s power.