Apex players use Crypto’s drone as a helicopter

Get ready to move around in style.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends features a large map that can be difficult to navigate quickly. There are jump towers, trains, and ziplines throughout the map, but two players discovered an alternate means of transportation by combining Crypto and Pathfinder’s abilities.

A user uploaded a clip to Reddit showing them using Crypto’s drone to gather more information on the surrounding area. The players teammate had a better idea, however, and attached themselves to the drone using Pathfinder’s grapple. The player controlling the drone was able to move around normally and took Pathfinder high into the sky.

There’s no fall damage in Apex Legends so the combination of the champions tactical abilities may have created a viable means of transportation. The tactic can also be used to pick up a teammate who has strayed far away from their teammates. The tactic may be useful in certain situations but is hard to master. Pathfinder’s grapple pulls the player towards the object they are attached to, so players will need to delay this process to travel far.

Players have found other unique uses for champion abilities in the past. Revenant’s ultimate can be used to grab a teammates banner in the storm, and Crypto’s drone an be used as a grenade delivery service. Apex Legends puts players in unique situations each game so other unique twists on character abilities will continue to be found by creative players.