Apex players take a page from the Fast & Furious book in action-packed Trident chase

Someone call Vin Diesel.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Tridents have become a staple in the Apex Games. While some use the hovercars to escape the ring or to make quick rotations, others use them to show off their driving skills. One Apex Legends fan recently shared a video of a quick-paced Trident shootout worthy of a Fast & Furious sequel.

Reddit user ahonmr22 posted the clip to the Apex subreddit yesterday, giving fans an insider’s perspective of the high-speed chase. In the video, a Bloodhound player is riding in a Trident driven by their teammates. They pop a few syringes while being shot at by enemies off-screen, who later roll up in a second Trident nearby.

From there, viewers are treated to an epic Trident chase that would put Octane to shame.

The two teams rip across Storm Point’s sandy paths near the map’s southern coast, eventually reaching the open fields nestled between Ship Fall and Antenna. The Bloodhound player downs one opponent, who falls out of their Trident. The Bloodhound’s teammate knocks a second opponent out of their vehicle, and our protagonist finishes off the rest of the team by securing the third and final kill while their teammates cheer in excitement.

Tridents first joined the Apex Games in season seven alongside Olympus. Although they don’t spawn on World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, Respawn Entertainment later added them to Storm Point, Apex’s largest map, in season 11. Tridents offer players a way to traverse the map at a quick pace—albeit at the cost of attracting enemies with their loud engines.

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Apex players have since found a number of creative ways to use the vehicles outside of their intended function. In the first week of season seven, a dedicated group of fans hosted the Trident Cup—a racing tournament with referees, 11 circuits, and nearly 100 races. They have since run three more editions of the event. Others have weaponized the hovercars by stacking Caustic traps on the vehicles and ramming them into full teams, unleashing toxic chaos onto foes.