Apex fan builds 3D-printed Alternator prototype with alternating barrels

Disruptor Rounds not included.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Though the characters in Apex Legends are a big draw for fans, the shooter’s arsenal is also responsible for part of the game’s allure. A player showed their love for one of the game’s guns by 3D-printing a replica of the Alternator, complete with the alternating barrel mechanism that gives the weapon its name.

The replica boasts a mechanism that moves both of its barrels when firing, according to footage its creator posted on Reddit. This is the Alternator’s flagship feature in Apex: two barrels side-by-side that both shooting alternating bullets. In the game, this is nothing more than a cosmetic animation, and the barrels don’t really impact the weapon—unlike, for instance, the Havoc or the Devotion, which have to charge up before firing to their fullest potential.

In addition, the 3D-printed replica also has a small electronic display that mimics the Alternator’s ammo counter in the game. The luminous display shows a full square that slowly fades away to simulate the magazine emptying as the bullets are fired.

Powering both the moving mechanism and the luminous display takes only one lithium battery, according to the creator, but that results in a battery life of approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

This isn’t the creator’s first replica of an Apex weapon. They previously built a Wingman replica, bringing the beloved gun (or hated, depending on whether you’re shooting it or getting shot by it) to life.