Caustic player creates a noxious Trident of death

Take your gas to go!

Screengrab via PlayApex

After 11 seasons, 19 legends, new weapons, and four maps, there’s an abundance of ways to defeat your enemies in Apex Legends. One of the ways you cannot, however, is by running over players with the Trident hover cars. Developers explicitly balanced the Tridents to be harmless to enemies when the vehicles debuted in season seven.

Leave it to the Apex community, then, to find a way to turn the Tridents into speeding harbingers of toxic death.

A Reddit user happened to run into another solo player when using a Trident on Storm Point and was ready with an ambush: Caustic traps on both the front and back of the hover vehicle. Driving into the fray with absolutely no intention of shooting their gun, they allowed the enemies to shoot the traps, setting them off. From there, the ring and the Nox gas did the rest of the work.

The Caustic player gently bumped into the flailing enemies, who were unsure of what to do with their health being sapped and their movement severely impaired. There was little left for the enemy Octane to do besides dying. To top off the fight—if you want to call it that—the opposing Octane was the kill leader. 

While the Tridents may not have been designed to bring the deaths of their opponents, you know how to take your Caustic gas on the go with you. Perfect for a scenic Trident ride in Storm Point.