Apex players report the new weekly challenges reset their stars and XP

Respawn is already working on a fix.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Another controversy involving Apex Legends’ season seven battle pass has emerged.

The new weekly challenges reportedly reset players’ stars and XP for the week, potentially scrapping a significant chunk of their progress to the next tier. The issue might have been caused by an error, according to Respawn, and the developers are already working on a fix.

The new set of challenges brought players’ stars and XP back down to zero, according to player reports. Dot Esports tested the progression and obtained the same results. Respawn director of community Ryan Rigney said that the reset may have been “a consequence of the recent changes we’ve been patching in on the backend to improve the BP” and that the developers would fix the degradation.

The “revamped” battle pass system uses stars instead of the previous Challenge Points (CP) to measure progress. Ten stars equal one level and players can obtain them through daily and weekly challenges, as well as from gaining a set amount of experience. The reset essentially scrapped players’ progress toward the next tier, regardless of how close they were.

The season seven battle pass sparked controversy immediately after its release. A significant portion of the community felt that the new system was “too grindy” and that the cost per tier was unreasonably high. Respawn will overhaul challenges and give 10 free levels to all players, and it seems that the reset may have been an unintended side effect of the reformulation.

The new set of changes means that “there will be very few differences” between the season seven pass and its predecessor, according to Rigney. Simply reverting the battle pass back to its previous state isn’t an option. “If we had a giant button that said GO BACK we probably would’ve pressed it, but game dev ain’t that easy,” he said. Rigney also shared that Respawn will probably “do more rethinking” for the next pass.