Apex player narrowly saves teammate from falling off the map with well-timed Phase Breach

That's what friends are for.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Loading into an online game can be a crapshoot in regard to what type of teammates you’ll get. But one Apex Legends player demonstrated how to be a team player by rescuing their teammate from near disaster with quick thinking.

Reddit user onyaga posted a clip to the Apex subreddit last week, showing how to save a teammate from falling off the map with Ash’s Phase Breach.

The clip begins with our main protagonist, Ash, and their teammate Pathfinder taking the recon legend’s zipline toward a skirmish in the Agriculture Entry point-of-interest on Olympus. The alignment of the zipline requires players to jump right before the end of the zip, or else they risk falling off the map. The Pathfinder mistimed their jump, however, and fell on the other side of a fence separating safety from death. With cones blocking Pathfinder’s ability to climb back onto the map, they hopelessly scaled the side of the bridge.

With no grapple and nothing to hang on to, all looked lost for the Forward Scout—that is, until our protagonist hatched a plan.

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Onyaga approached the edge of the map and pulled out Ash’s sword to prepare their ultimate. They stepped off the side of the bridge and used Phase Breach mid-air, portaling to the other side of Agriculture Entry. They turned and watched as Pathfinder fell further down the side of the map before using their grapple to get close enough to then climb up to Ash’s ultimate.

Once Pathfinder reached safety, onyaga did what any good teammate would do: open fire on their teammate—for good measure, of course.