Apex player gets an incredibly lucky shield delivery

Talk about great timing.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends player took the old adage “ask and you shall receive” to a new level when they received a fresh shield in the middle of a World’s Edge gunfight.

Reddit user DBmain posted a video that showed off the amazing delivery—and it really was a delivery. DBmain found themselves caught in a two-vs-one gunfight near one of World’s Edge’s gondolas. Their teammate was already down, so they had to fight the entire enemy team themselves. They easily take out the enemy Pathfinder with a Peacekeeper, but the fight gets tougher when they miss an entire magazine’s worth of Volt shots on a nearby Wraith. Wraith lands several shots, and it looks like DBmain is about to lose.

Desperate for cover, they run behind a pile of boxes and dodge a few more of Wraith’s shots. Just as they’re peeking around the boxes to take another shot, a gondola holding a fresh purple shield swings by right next to them. DBmain jumps onto it, picks up the shield, and jumps back off, ready to reengage. With their confidence bolstered thanks to the full shield, they easily take out the Wraith in two well-placed Peacekeeper shots, finishing the whole squad.

While commenters laughed at the sheer luck that brought DBmain a full shield right when they needed it, many others said it was the confidence boost from knowing they had an advantage that really won the fight. Similarly, some said Wraith struggled with their shots because they knew DBmain was coming back with a vengeance. One commenter called it “plot armor,” referring to a TV trope where an important character can’t be killed because they’re essential to the main story. No matter how you slice it, DBmain got incredibly lucky in that fight.

May that same luck visit all of us in our battle royale matches.