Apex Legends’ third comic page reveals Ash is awake and living with Pathfinder

The comic is Boosted's equivalent of a season quest.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Ash is back in Apex Legends. The simulacrum played a role in the season five quest, The Broken Ghost, but it seems that her stint in the Apex universe is far from done.

In the comic, Mirage and Rampart visit Pathfinder to meet his so-called girlfriend. The robot introduces the duo to his new friend, the recently-awakened Ash.

Pathfinder shows his solidarity to Ash: “I know what it’s like to wake up and not know who you are,” he tells her. “I wished I had a friend back then who made it less scary. I’m that friend for you… friend.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Ash played a vital role in the season five quest, The Broken Ghost. The legends had to assemble a mysterious artifact, which turned out to be the simulacrum. Hammond Robotics had an interest in building Ash, but their reasons for the search are still unclear at this time.

The simulacrum was a familiar face for fans of the Titanfall franchise. Ash is one of the antagonists in Titanfall 2‘s campaign mode, where she’s destroyed by Rifleman Jack Cooper. She was later rebuilt by in-game company Vinson Dynamics but killed again in the wake of the Frontier War.

The season five quest finished with Ash’s awakening in an underground bunker in Kings Canyon. She gave the legends an ominous greeting upon waking up: “welcome to Olympus.”

Olympus has plenty of significance to the Apex universe. The city is located in Psamathe, where Revenant’s source code is stored. It’s where Revenant killed Loba’s parents and also the hometown of Octane and Lifeline.

Fans long speculated that Olympus would be the new map for season six, but the new season only brought an improved version of World’s Edge. EA-sponsored Brazilian content creator Winchester said that Olympus was delayed due to the pandemic and that the map still had some “loose ends” to fix.

Although the new quest seems to take a break from the storyline involving Loba and Revenant, it appears that Ash will still fit into that story. Rebuilding the simulacrum was Loba’s idea as a way to gain the favor of Hammond Robotics, which opens up a series of questions about Ash’s role in the upcoming story.