Apex Legends teaser shows part of a meeting between Loba and Hammond Robotics

“The last time I went treasure hunting under Kings Canyon, half the island was blown to the bottom of the river.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ season quest tells that Loba aims to build a mysterious artifact, and the latest teaser just showed why. The cat burglar is working alongside Hammond Robotics to fulfill her own agenda: revenge against Revenant.

Players who are caught up with Apex Legends‘ season quest already knew that Loba was working alongside Hammond Robotics, but the new teaser is a transcript of the meeting between the two.

Loba met with Cheryl Amacci, head of Hammond’s legal department. Amacci explains to Loba what a source code is: “It’s every experience, memory, desire, and personality trait you have,” and that this is what the company uses to create a simulacrum.

Amacci confirms that Hammond’s security system teleported Revenant’s source code to a different facility, as seen in the season five launch trailer. Amacci will offer its location to Loba as long as she builds the mysterious artifact.

Loba doesn’t believe that there is more than one version of Kings Canyon, but Amacci responds that there is. The affirmation sparks Loba’s interest, but the teaser cuts off before revealing more information.

The device that shows the teaser appears to be on Bangalore’s desk based on the bullets and smoke grenades, which lines up with the season quest. Bangalore gets her hands on a transcript after Lifeline kidnapped Amacci’s chief of staff, Yoko Zepnewski.

Although Amacci doesn’t explicitly say it, it appears that the source code made its way to Psamathe. Fans have speculated that it could be an upcoming map for Apex Legends, but Respawn evidently hasn’t made any comments about it.

The latest chapter of the quest is called “The Lying Liar” and showed Bangalore confronting Loba with the new-found information. The sergeant reveals that Loba wants Revenant’s source code, and Caustic reveals that it’s actually Revenant’s head.

In the words of the scientist, the source code is “the emotions, the memories, the personality” that remains in the original brain tissue. Revenant is unlike other simulacra, however, since his source code isn’t embedded in his body—which allows him to resurrect a nearly-infinite number of times as long as his head is still intact.

The Lying Liar finishes with the legends begrudgingly agreeing to build the artifact. Wraith proposes that they assemble the artifact themselves and destroy it, instead of giving Hammond the chance to find someone else who will deliver the relic to them in a silver platter.

The legends have unlocked five parts of the artifact so far, with each showing a small description of its functions. It appears that whatever they’re building is animated and possibly even sentient; some of the pieces are responsible for “motor functions,” “memory,” and there’s even a Retinal Array, which means that—like Lifeline put it—“this thing has eyes?”

The teaser could set the stage for the next chapter of The Broken Ghost, which will release this Tuesday alongside the Lost Treasures collection event.