The Broken Ghost: Apex Legends’ hunt for the fifth chapter explained

Loba isn't just hunting for treasure.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The latest part of Apex Legends’ season quest caused a rift between Loba and the legends as they uncovered Loba’s true stakes in the artifact. Bangalore confronted the thief and exposed that she had a pact with the enemy—Hammond Robotics itself.

To read the story, however, players must first clear a fast-paced, close-quarters hunt that sees squads diving into the Bunker to recover another piece of the mysterious artifact—and finding Octane in the process. The adrenaline junkie is in bad shape but ultimately makes his way back with the help of Lifeline and Gibraltar.

The fifth part of the quest ushered in key developments in the unfolding quest for The Broken Ghost and gave players another fast-paced PvE quest to face. Here’s everything you need to know to dig for the artifact and discover Loba’s true intentions.

The hunt: The Gauntlet

To the joy of every Caustic main in the Outlands, The Gauntlet kicks off in front of the Bunker. Players must fight their way through the building and take out Prowlers in close quarters. Once they’ve reached the other side, the digging begins. To undertake this task, the legends are armed with a basic loadout: a Wingman and a P2020, as well as some healing items and white armor.

Before players even drop into the map, Gibraltar mentions that the legends found Octane. His death box is also lootable, but don’t get your hopes up: It only contains a Mozambique. Like in A Legend Falls, players need to activate a total of four panels scattered around the small rooms inside the Bunker.

The first one is in the room straight ahead. Breach the door with a melee attack and prepare to fight the Prowlers that hide inside. Another wave will rush down the hallway after the first few are done, so take them out before activating the panel. Once the area is safe, the room on the right holds a purple backpack and the room further ahead contains another panel.

After going up the stairs, players will reach a long hallway filled with loot and Prowlers. One of the creatures will jump at you from behind after reaching the top of the stairs, so quickly dispatch of it. There’s a panel in each room in the hallway and plenty of Prowlers to guard. Luckily, there are also more weapons: the left side has a fully-kitted Wingman and the right side has a gold R-99.

Once all four panels are activated, players can start to extract the artifact outside of the bunker. Clear the area of Prowlers and head out into the ledge straight ahead before beginning to dig. There’s a gold helmet, backpack, and body armor at the top, as well as another fully-kitted Wingman.

The ledge on the left side contains a Shield Battery and a Medkit, but it’s also a perfect spot to land. Shadow Prowlers need to jump to reach it and they’re completely vulnerable in mid-air. A single Wingman shot will send them packing before they hit you and it should make clearing this mission a breeze.

Legend selection isn’t too restricted, with only Octane and Gibraltar out of commission. Mirage can Bamboozle Prowlers easily, especially with the tunneling nature of the Bunker’s corridors. Caustic is also a solid choice since his Nox gas can cause plenty of damage to Prowlers and make them easy to spot.

Loba, on the other hand, isn’t entirely necessary since her ultimate is made reduntant by the small amount of loot in the area and her mobility is nearly void in the Bunker. Her Translocator does provide a useful way to reach the dropship but it isn’t necessary.

After players have cleared the hunt, they’ll receive the Green Aventurine weapon charm, the Faraday Armature piece, and gain access to the next story chapter.

The story: The Lying Liar

The Lying Liar recounts the story from Loba’s perspective. Her plan of assembling the artifact is going well and she’s just “a day or two” away from leaving the Apex Games—likely because she’ll fulfill her vendetta against Revenant.

Bangalore disrupts Loba’s plans, however, and confronts her in front of the rest of the legends. “Turns out Loba here is working on Hammond’s dime,” the sergeant reveals. Loba is after Revenant’s “source code,” and to get it, she must perform a task for Hammond Robotics—assembling the mysterious artifact.

The crew doesn’t take kindly to the news that Loba betrayed them and that Hammond was behind the hunts. “They’re about to get their hands on something that potentially threatens all of the Outlands,” Bangalore said. “That sit right with the rest of you?”

The legends know that Loba wants Revenant’s source code—“the secret to ending his miserable existence,” the thief said—but they don’t know what it is until Caustic intervenes. The scientist says that a simulacrum’s source code is “the emotions, the memories, the personality” that remains in the original brain tissue. In Revenant’s case, however, the source code is external to the unit, which allows him to resurrect over and over.

The legends show their disapproval, but Wraith says that they need to complete the artifact. “If we don’t build it, Hammond will find somebody who will,” she explains. “And then we’ll have no way to find out what they’re up to.” Wraith’s plan is simple: assemble the artifact then destroy it.

Gibraltar and Lifeline return through a portal carrying Octane in their arms. The legend is in a bad shape and has lost both his legs, which Lifeline will likely help recover.

The chapter ends with Loba in a bad spot. The legends discovered her betrayal and the snitch—who tipped Revenant off in the Prologue—will likely give away her plans to the simulacrum once again. “No allies. No back-up. I’m a dead woman,” she says. “But if I go down… I’m taking that bastard with me.”

Loba’s secret plan is the main takeaway from the chapter. Her thirst for revenge is no secret, but the details of her conspiration with Hammond Robotics were a mystery. The story also changes the perspective about the artifact. It went from treasure to trap, a possible weapon that drew the interest of the (admittedly malicious) Hammond Robotics.

Revenant’s possible role in this is also at stake. Although the simulacrum is “just torturing Loba by always being around,” he could take an actively antagonistic approach after discovering Loba’s true intentions. At the same time, if he finds out that the artifact is something that Hammond Robotics wants, he could be inclined to help destroy it as part of his own vendetta against the company.