Apex Legends’ season 2 trailer has been leaked

See what’s coming next season.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans don’t have to wait until later today to see what’s coming for the game’s second season.

The video, which is reportedly Respawn’s official trailer for season two, is already out thanks to Apex leakers. It gives fans a sneak peek at what’s coming on July 2 when the new season starts, from changes to the island to gameplay footage of the new legend, Wattson.

If that trailer is legit, beasts are taking over the Apex island. Something has destroyed the repulsor, which kept the area safe from all of them but also made them angry since they couldn’t be in their natural habitat. The trailer doesn’t show how or even if players will interact with these creatures, which include Leviathans, but they’ll be easy to spot around the island in cages and mountains.

The trailer also shows Wattson’s abilities and two of her finishers. One of them seems to be Perimeter Security, which creates a fence made of electricity that damages and slows enemies. It also seems to show her ultimate ability, Interception Pylon, which recovers allies’ shields and intercepts ordinances from characters like Bangalore.

A lot of what Respawn said was coming is also in the trailer. A new gun and cosmetic items, including the debut of skydive emotes, are featured in the video. They should all be revealed by the time season two begins.

But Respawn didn’t want to wait until July 2 to show Apex players the leagues in ranked mode. Players can be in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator leagues (listed from the lowest to highest skill level). It’s unclear if Respawn will add any divisions to these leagues.

Although this trailer is convincing and seems legit, fans should still wait for Respawn’s official Apex season two trailer reveal today at 12pm CT.