Apex Legends’ season six, Boosted, is coming on Aug. 18

Prepare to meet Rampart.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ next season is less than two weeks away. Fans will meet Rampart and Sheila, try out the crafting system and the Volt SMG, and possibly see an updated version of World’s Edge—all starting on Aug. 18.

The official announcement came through the season six launch trailer today, which showcased a series of novelties on the way. The season’s debut also matches the deadline of the Always Be Closing Evolved limited-time mode, which runs between Aug. 11 and 18.

The season six page on EA’s website shows what’s on the way with the next season: a new legend, the new crafting system, and the long-anticipated Volt SMG hailing straight from the Titanfall franchise. The website is scarce with details so far, however, and EA hasn’t shared more specific information about the new features.


One of the Outlands’ greatest gunsmiths is on her way to the Apex Games. Season six is introducing Rampart and her sidekick Sheila, a heavy-caliber mounted machine gun—and fans may have caught a glimpse of her skillset in the launch trailer.

Although there’s no official information on Rampart’s kit yet, data miners uncovered possible versions of her loadout that line up with footage from the trailer. Her passive reportedly increases the mag size and reload speed for LMGs, exemplified in the trailer with Lifeline’s frantic Spitfire.

The energy walls were a staple of the launch trailer and they could also relate to Rampart. Her tactical could be the “amped wall,” a gadget that soaks up enemy fire while amplifying the damage of allied bullets that go through it—perfect for holding down positions.

Her ultimate adds heavy firepower to her arsenal in the form of her sidekick Sheila, a deadly mounted machine gun that allies can use. Her data-mined loadout would make her a great legend for defensive play and could possibly warrant her having a spot in the meta.


The Volt SMG is finally coming to Apex. Fans have anticipated the weapon’s move to the battle royale since its earlier seasons when data miners found its assets in the game files. Like most weapons in Apex, the Volt hails from the Titanfall franchise but could see some tweaks for its debut in the Apex Games.

The official season six page confirms anticipations that the Volt would be Apex‘s first Energy submachine gun. In Titanfall 2, the weapon has a fast rate of fire and solid damage, alongside manageable recoil. It’s unclear how much of those characteristics will transfer to Apex, however.


The Apex Games are receiving one of the best gunsmiths in the Outlands and a new mechanic is coming with her. The crafting system could provide another way for players to access their favorite gear—and possibly even save them the hassle of looking for the perfect hop-up. “Don’t like your gear?” the season six page reads. “Collect materials around the map and build something better.”

Although there’s little official information about the upcoming feature, data miner Shrugtal outlined a few key points that the crafting system could use—based on an earlier version of the kit for the scrapped legend Nomad.

“Nomad’s crafting table allowed you to scrap salvageable material to craft other items,” he sayid in a video. “I would assume this would have included guns, attachments, and ammo.”

Shrugtal also discovered that some of the weapons in Apex received quality-based identifiers as a means to track the quality of each item. Guns with better attachments presumably yield better results.

Respawn is opting to share more information about the upcoming feature closer to the season’s launch, which means that players may have to wait a bit for more official details on how crafting will work.

World’s Edge v3.0

The trailer may have also showed part of the World’s Edge map update. The cinematic kicks off with a colossal rocket in what looks like The Dome in the Talos arena, one of the possible Hammond Robotics worksites.

A previous teaser placed a crane carrying a rocket thruster in Sorting Factory, just north of where construction will likely take place. It could be a reference to the rocket seen in the trailer, showing fans a new look at the season three arena.

Apex fans can experience season six when it starts in less than two weeks.