Apex Legends reveals upcoming Champion’s Edition with new cosmetics and unlocked legends

In a sales pitch narrated by Mirage.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends’ new Champion’s Edition is filled to the brim with loot and cosmetics. Respawn revealed today that the new pack contains exclusive skins, legend unlocks, and Apex Coins—and it’ll be available when season seven launches.

The Champion’s Edition unlocks all the legends up to season six, from Octane to Rampart, and offers a handful of exclusive cosmetics for Wraith, Crypto, and Revenant—with matching gun skins for the Sentinel, Triple Take, and Flatline, as well as a gold Nessie gun charm.

The upcoming edition seems to be aimed at first-timers since veteran players likely have unlocked most of the characters added to the game. The exclusive cosmetics are available to anyone who purchases the edition, however, and can appeal to even some seasoned players.

The announcement video features a voice-over by Mirage, who explains the events since Apex launched and recounts each legend in order (with complimentary snarky comments on each of the competitors).

Mirage finishes the video by teasing a new legend, who shows up as a silhouette in the training area. Players who dive into the Firing Range can see a new video teasing an upcoming legend and will get a set of challenges to unlock the gravity lifts spread across the maps.

Based on Respawn’s usual schedule, season seven is expected to go live in early-to-mid November, which means that the Champion’s Edition will be available for purchase in approximately a month. With all that’s coming in the new bundle, however, it’ll likely carry a hefty price tag.

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