Apex Legends players can now purchase the Pathfinder Edition

And it's a nod to '80s war movies.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is getting a new edition and it’s styled after the most lovable robot in the franchise. Players can now purchase the Pathfinder Edition of the battle royale to gain a wide range of cosmetics, including a guerilla-inspired outfit for the grappling robot.

The Pathfinder Edition contains two legendary skins: one for the Havoc and another for Pathfinder himself. Players will also get a Molotov Cocktail gun charm and a badge that mimics Pathfinder's cosmetics. On top of all that, players will take home 1,000 Apex Coins, which is enough to purchase the Battle Pass.

The edition appears to be styled after '80s war movies like First Blood. The legendary skin dresses Pathfinder in a white tank top and camo pants instead of his usual metal chassis, alongside bandoliers across his chest, dog tags hanging from his neck, and a red bandana. The skin is called Full Metal Robot, a clear nod to Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket.

The Havoc skin is designed to match Pathfinder's visual. The gun takes a mostly red hue, with some drawings of bones on its stock and arrows placed on the barrel. The name of the visual is “First Blood,” a reference to the eponymous 1982 movie that introduced fans to war veteran John Rambo.

Pathfinder fans have been eagerly awaiting the edition after data miners uncovered mentions of it in the game files last month. The edition was reportedly available for early purchase in other regions due to a mistake.

Apex has held several themed editions over its lifetime. The Lifeline and Bloodhound Editions have a mirrored theme. The combat medic's edition is angelic, while the tracker's takes a darker tone. Respawn also revealed the Octane Edition over the course of season four.

The Pathfinder Edition costs $19.99.