Apex Legends limited-time event Legendary Hunt begins tomorrow

Test your skills with the new Elite Queue.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ first event kicks off tomorrow, and it will offer fans new challenges and rewards, as well as a long-awaited Elite Queue for fans to finally put their skills to the test.

The event will last for two weeks and will feature a special set of challenges that players can complete to earn rewards. Players with the Wild Frontier Battle Pass will be automatically rewarded with the new Legendary Honored Prey weapon skin for the R-302. Wraith is also receiving a new legendary skin called Night Terror, which be unlocked by reaching level 15 before the event ends.

Additional skins will release with the event, including Bloodhound’s new epic skin Master of the Hunt. The full list of new cosmetics and challenges will be revealed tomorrow.

Legendary Hunt will introduce a new match queue named Elite Queue, which will pit the game’s top players against each other. Those who make it to the top five remaining teams in a match will be able to join the Elite Queue with other players who have accomplished the same feat. Similarly, players who reach the top five in a game will earn an entire Battle Pass level once per day.

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Beginning on June 7 at 12pm CT, Apex Legends fans can participate in the Double XP Weekend to celebrate the event’s release. With the boost, experience gained from both base progression and the Battle Pass progression will increase, allowing fans to grind levels more quickly.

The event will last for only two weeks, so fans best be sure to scoop up all the goodies they can before the festivities end.