Apex Legends bug sends players into an endless portal loop

Beware the newest bug found on Kings Canyon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Another day, another Apex Legends bug. Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale game has been plagued with multiple glitches since its release in February. Today, another bug was discovered that keeps players stuck in an endless loop through a Wraith’s portal.

The player explained on Reddit that he went through the portal only to get instantly thrown back into it. “Portal didn’t time out like normal,” he said. “I never got out, [so I] just ended up quitting.”

In the video, there didn’t seem to be any elements around the portals that could have caused the glitch, which means that this was solely due to the Wraith portal itself. The player was also taking damage from the storm, albeit very slowly. It wasn’t clear whether he was only taking damage when he popped out of the portal for that split second or if he was taking damage while in the portal.

This glitch joins the plethora of bugs that people experience with Wraith portals. One of the longest-standing bugs with Wraith has been her infinite portal glitch, which has been in the game since February. Players simply have to activate Wraith’s ultimate, wait for a moment, and then vault over a ledge or wall while activating her Tactical ability. Her ultimate will then recharge instantly.

Respawn hasn’t addressed the Infinite Wraith Portal glitch yet, so it’s assumed that this new glitch won’t be remedied any time soon. But the developers have begun fixing some of the various problems affecting the game.