Apex Legends bug cancels Bloodhound ultimate when shooting a Mirage decoy

Mirage buffs incoming.

Apex Legends Mirage rework
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Mirage may have finally gotten the buff he’s been promised.

One Apex player encountered a bug when shooting at Mirage’s decoy with Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt ultimate active, posting a video today. 

Activating Beast of the Hunt gives the tracker enhanced senses and speed for a set period of time, highlighting enemies in red. But immediately after the player shot a Mirage decoy, the Beast of the Hunt mode ended. The ultimate timer didn’t reset, however, likely allowing the ability to finish its typical duration.

Respawn design director Jason McCord responded to the issue, poking fun at Apex’s “tricky boi.”

“More Mirage buffs,” McCord said. “Thanks for reporting, I’ll pass it along. Hopefully our tricky boi can earn his dignity back for Season 5.”

This is the second day in a row where Apex players are reporting a bug with Mirage’s decoy. Several players reported being instantly revived with full health after killing the Holographic Trickster’s clone.

A Wattson or Caustic, for example, can destroy a decoy with their traps while being knocked down. But the bug gives them a quick revive to bamboozle the bamboozler.

While it’s unclear what exactly is causing these Mirage decoy bugs, Respawn will likely have them fixed immediately.