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A shot of Alter's back as she holds onto a picture of Horizon and her child
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Apex Legends: Best legends to pair with Alter

Is Alter simply a support legend with flashy skirmisher moves?

Alter’s broad kit makes her lethal in pub lobbies but difficult to understand in Apex Legends ranked. Figuring out the best legends to pair with Alter is tricky, especially when this legend doesn’t know what she wants to be yet—a support or a skirmisher.

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Interestingly, Alter is placed in the Skirmisher class like Wraith, Pathfinder, and Horizon. While this is likely due to her increased mobility, her kit is more on the supportive side than being the aggressor. Alter is no entry fragger, making her more strategic than the popular Pathfinder, Wraith, and Octane.

On top of that, Alter cannot play alone, unlike other Skirmisher legends, so these are the best Apex characters to pair with Alter.

The five best legends to pair with Alter in Apex

Alter abilities listed in Firing Range
Learning the ropes. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In a variety of ways, Alter’s kit is a combination of Lifeline, Ash, Loba, Wraith, and Horizon. Let me explain. Alter’s passive behaves much like a miniscule Loba’s Black Market. Her tactical is a stronger and more efficient Wraith ultimate, offering a passageway through any structure (except, of course, from doors). Her central strength lies in her supportive kit, which is well-demonstrated by her Void Nexus. Alter can note where enemies fought with her Gift from the Rift, similar to Ash’s Marked for Death.

Finally, her passive is useful in disruption; she can kidnap enemies in her Void Passage. This is similar to Horizon’s Gravity Lift, which disrupts teams’ positioning by flinging them off a roof as the tactical can pass through ceilings. While her Void Nexus is more generally defensive, you can use it like Revenant’s old ultimate. Alter also negates the utility of Newcastle and Lifeline rez, making her the supportive legend in the team composition.

Alter’s strength only lies within a single ability—her Void Passage. With her widespread kit in mind, let’s dive into the top legends to use with Alter.


Nexus void used on ceiling to pull highlighted enemy to your floor
Spot an enemy with Bloodhound’s scan to time Alter’s Passage. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Our first pick is a somewhat obvious one because Bloodhound is the current comp meta with Bangalore. The scan meta continuously prevails in Apex, from Seer to Bloodhound. Bloodhound’s scan gives crucial information on the opposition’s composition and position. Not only will you note where an enemy is around you, but you can see what legends are being used. Rather than selecting anonymous mode to see legend picks in the kill feed, Bloodhound lets you note this information as it’s delivered in a quick scan.

Use this to your advantage, prep for an ambush, and place the Void Passage below the opponent’s feet to pull them down to your level. Bloodhound can be the aggressive pick on the team, either moving alongside the Alter to gain high ground or full-send teams inside buildings or angle out the enemies with Beast of the Hunt while Alter flanks with the Void Passage. Using the Void Nexus similarly to Revenant’s Death Totem. The team can play more aggressively as they return to the Nexus should they take too much damage or get downed in the fight.


Conduit is the most passive pick out of the bunch, as Alter and Conduit play a more supportive role on a team. But you can use your Radiant Transfer on Alter as she travels through her Void Passage. While everyone (including enemies) can use Alter’s Void Passage and Nexus, Conduit provides much-needed shield support for third parties or inting teams for priority position.

You could send Alter alone in her Passage after using the Radiant Transfer, with other mobility legends like Horizon, Octane, or Pathfinder (entry fraggers) to flank the area and/or deal damage from afar, while Conduit’s Savior Speed activates to catch up to your teammates. Equally, Conduit’s Energy Barricade can stop anyone using Alter’s Void Nexus while the team attempts to reset. Any downed players can be protected with the Barricade placed close to the Void to avoid teammates being finished or the team getting pushed through the Nexus.


Catalyst tactical dealing damage to dummy in front of Alter's portal
Stop teams from pushing with your teammate’s handiwork. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Catalyst is an interesting pick with Alter because of her ability to rotate safely. While I see her as an Alter counter, you can use her in Alter’s favor. Place Piercing Spikes on your Void Passage and the Nexus while Alter revives the final party member. She can be the anchor to the squad, moving the team from point A to point B with her Veil and securing a building with her Barricade and Spikes. While Catalyst can reinforce doors, this only counters legends that aren’t Alter. Alter cannot bypass doors but can enter any room using her Passage through the same wall. Make sure you’re always keeping a lookout for any signs of Alter.

Catalyst’s strength lies in her ability to move her team across the map using her Dark Veil. She requires a lot of Ultimate Accelerants to keep that Veil in constant action. But her Piercing Spikes also help against anyone trying to invade your position (including an Alter Void Passage).


Like Catalyst, our Bangalore recommendation stems from her ability to obscure vision. Use the Rolling Thunder and Smoke Launchers to rotate safely, allowing Alter to move into a multi-story building by skipping structures altogether (corridors, doors, and stairwells) using the Void Passage.

Finishing the composition with Bloodhound doesn’t deter far away from what we saw in the ALGS 2024 Split One Playoffs. With Bangalore and Bloodhound being the top two picks for pro league, this duo is typically finished with a more defensive legend or anchor like Caustic, Valkyrie, or Conduit. Replace these with Alter, and you have a versatile team capable of third-partying, retreating for a full reset, or preparing for a fight for end-game position.

Bangalore’s ability to rotate with her Rolling Thunder and Smoke Launcher provides safe passage for her squad where Alter would otherwise be useless in open ground. Incapable of fazing out (Wraith) or flying into the air (Horizon and Valkyrie), Alter must rely on a comrade to get her out of trouble where her Void Passage cannot aid her. The roles then switch when structures come into play, as it’s down to the Alter to pick the correct placement for her Passage and Nexus to protect her team from elimination.


Caustic traps placed beside Alter's tactical
Too overkill? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Caustic is an incredibly slow legend with a ridiculously big hit-box, but he is our final legend on this list. While Alter doesn’t help her team move from one location to another, she does offer quick repositioning with her Passage and a safe return to another location from her activated Void Nexus. With this, Caustic can place Nox Gas traps near the Nexus to alert him to any teams uncovering its location. The Nox Gas traps can also pressure teams away from Alter’s Passage or push them into it. You can also tactically place traps or throw down the Nox Gas Grenade (ultimate) on a well-timed kidnap from Alter.

Much like Horizon’s Gravity Lift or Wraith’s Dimensional Rift, Alter can completely throw a team off-guard by stealing a player (portal) and throwing the team off-balance (lift). While Horizon can throw players off a rooftop by placing her Gravity Lift directly underneath their position, Alter can grab enemies with the Void Passage and teleport them to your position. Place the Nox Gas Grenade directly onto the Passage once you hear an enemy has been kidnapped. So long as you time this right, the opposition will be caught off-guard and team-killed by your squad, who’s completely separate from their teammates.

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