Apex fan survey reveals what legends may need balancing

Mirage and Bloodhound are in dire need of buffs, according to the community.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex LegendsPeacekeeper nerf is the latest in a series of balancing changes made to the battle royale since its launch. In spite of Respawn Entertainment’s attempts to fine-tune the game, the community feels that some legends could use buffs or nerfs—at least, according to a fan-made survey.

The survey asked users if legends needed rebalancing for season three, as well as what elements made them too weak or too strong. The analysis was posted on the game’s official subreddit and took into account over 1900 responses.

Mirage is the character in most need of a buff, according to the survey. Ninety-one percent of players believe the holographic trickster is underpowered. His passive, Encore, is considered his biggest weakness, followed by his ultimate as a close second. Both cloak Mirage in a veil of invisibility but are easily noticeable and can be negated by players who know where to look.

Bloodhound, the game’s Technologic Tracker, also fills the ranks of legends considered underpowered. Bloodhound’s tactical, Eye of the Allfather, tags enemies caught in its short detection radius, but 63 percent of players believe the skill needs changes.

Lifeline and Bangalore are regarded as the most balanced legends by a large margin; 85 and 83 percent of players believe the characters are fine just the way they are. The soldier and medic duo are regarded as a solid pick for most occasions.

Pathfinder and Wraith are the characters who drew most criticism. Even though the majority of interviewees believe the legends are balanced, 41 percent of the community wants to see the robotic scout get a nerf, and 35 percent of fans think Wraith is overpowered. Pathfinder’s mobility with his grappling hook and Wraith’s hitbox make them unbalanced, according to Apex fans.

The survey considers answers from a small share of the fanbase, but can serve as a general metric to gauge the community’s feeling towards legends’ balancing during season three. The answers were collected between Nov. 8 and Nov. 16, shortly after Patch 3.1 hit live servers.