Apex fan revives Mad Maggie with incredible cosplay

It's time to bring a little mayhem.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Mad Maggie presumably met her dramatic demise from the Apex Legends story in the closing stages of the season eight comic, but prominent Apex fan creator BadgerBitten returned her to the spotlight with a costume fit for the war-torn plains of Salvo.

Sporting a slew of elements, from hand-painted patches across the jacket to a faithful recreation of Maggie’s side-shaved hairstyle, the attention to detail across BadgerBitten’s cosplay shows the time they put into making this tribute stand a cut above the rest. Even smaller parts of Maggie’s design, such as the animal skull necklace or the orange paint job of her shoulder guard being stripped away by years of battle, receive the care they deserve.

With Apex’s love for character designs layered in complicated elements and an unreasonable amount of belts, an outfit of this accuracy is no mean feat to pull off, especially factoring in the lack of expansive references for a side character such as Maggie.

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Maggie appeared in season eight as a rival to Fuse, but she’s still making waves almost a year after her debut. With theories of all shapes and sizes circulating around the possible next legend to grace the Apex Games, now is a perfect time to reacquaint yourself with the mastermind behind the now-shattered Kings Canyon and the nightmare of ring flares.

BadgerBitten’s Twitter has a wealth of additional behind-the-scenes photos, including more close-up shots of the outfit and pictures of the work in progress.