Apex fan concept for a “Don’t Shoot” ping could help prevent unwanted firefights

This new ping could save many lives.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Your resources are low, the ring is closing in on your back, and you spot an unsuspecting enemy team 200 yards ahead. As you hide behind a rock to use your last bandage, you assess the situation to figure out the best way for your squad to make it out of this sticky situation alive. But then, your heart drops as the ally Bangalore unloads their Spitfire clip and charges forward.

This is a common narrative for Apex Legends players who are fed up with teammates shooting at any enemy they see, revealing the squad’s location and preventing coordinated attacks. One fan posted their idea for a “Don’t Shoot” ping on Reddit yesterday, which could put a stop to unwanted engages.

The “‘Don’t Shoot’ ping would help tell teammates not to engage if there’s a sticky situation [sic] or trying to lay low,” the player said. “It would help if your team is trying to escape the storm and there’s people ahead, or you don’t want to get caught and such.”

Apex’s ping system is revolutionary and intuitive, allowing for a wide array of non-verbal callouts that range from “Enemy here” and “Someone’s been here” to passing on extra light ammo. A “Don’t Shoot” ping would only add to the split-second communication needed for such a fast-paced shooting game.

Respawn tends to listen to the community’s requests regarding quality of life changes. Following the Iron Crown loot box controversy, the developer rearranged the event structure and informed fans of its future plans to avoid history from repeating itself. Respawn also gave the option to disable auto-close after taking damage when looting and it’s experimenting with different ways to spend the seemingly-useless Legend Tokens.

Adding in a “Don’t Shoot” ping could definitely improve team communication and help save players’ Ranked Points (RP).