Apex Legends players will be able to spend Legend Tokens to reroll daily challenges

They’re not useless after all.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It seems like Apex Legends players may finally get a use for the tons of Legend Tokens that have been piling up for three seasons.

Apex players will be able to spend Legend Tokens to reroll daily challenges, according to yesterday’s update to the Apex Dev Tracker

Screengrab via Apex Dev Tracker

The new “Quality of Life” feature will allow players to spend the antiquated currency to get rid of unwanted daily challenges and replace them with new ones. 

Players earn 600 tokens every time they level up. The only current use for Legend tokens is to unlock a new character for 12,000 tokens, or to purchase a recolor of a legendary skin you already own for 10,500 tokens. The lack of options in spending the tokens has even led to some players collecting a whopping 100,000 tokens.

Respawn devs got the idea from a savvy fan who suggested it on Reddit two months ago.

“Since we use our legend tokens for basically nothing,” the fan said. “And since I think this is a nice use and it wouldn’t compromise Respawn’s profit through cosmetics, my suggestion is: let us use 500 or even 1000 legend tokens to re-roll our daily challenges at least once per day.”

While some fans appreciate the community requested feature, others would prefer a more lucrative use of Legend Tokens.

“Yeah, can’t say I’ve ever heard someone ask to spend legend tokens to reroll dailies,” one fan commented on a Reddit thread. “Have heard conversion to metals though. Obviously a relatively big conversion ratio so that they don’t ruin their ability to make money but something. My thought has always been to charge a stupid amount of legend tokens for an heirloom.”

Respawn currently does not intend to allow players to convert Legend Tokens into Crafting Materials.