Apex data miner reveals dates for next Crypto Town Takeover teasers

It's just beginning.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ mysterious hacker is leaving behind more enigmatic clues. Players spotted hints at a possible Crypto Town Takeover today—and, according to data miners, it’s the beginning of a series of teasers.

Data miner Biast12 revealed that there are two more teasers coming over the next few days. The second part of the hints will drop on June 18 and the final part will go live on June 20, according to Biast12. The occurrences are bundled under the “banner_teaser” code, which contains a total of three phases. The first stage kicked off alongside a mysterious countdown in the loot bunker near Salvage.

The first Crypto teaser took place near Repulsor and showed a hacked banner with the legend’s EMP symbol. The banner displayed a binary code, which translated to “if you can see me, I can.” The following teasers are unclear, however. They could contain more messages or be similar to Crypto’s laptop hints from season two.

Crypto’s possible Town Takeover could come as part of Apex‘s alleged Treasure Hunter event. Data miners uncovered mention of a hypothetical event in the game files, which could coincide with the gradual opening of several loot bunkers across Kings Canyon. Respawn hasn’t officially announced the event yet, but the upcoming EA Play Broadcast presents a valuable opportunity to reveal a major addition to Apex.

The Town Takeover will likely dive into Crypto’s scarce lore. Not much is clear about him—partly due to his runaway status and his need to lay low. His motivation to join the Apex Games is evident, though. Like Loba, he joined the competition to get his revenge.

Before he became Crypto, Tae Joon Park was a computer engineer for the Syndicate alongside his foster sister, Mila Alexander. The duo stumbled upon one of the organization’s secrets, however, and the Syndicate fought back.

The organization murdered Crypto’s sister Mila and pinned the crime on him, which forced him to drop his identity as Tae Joon Park. He adopted the “mystery man” persona to fly under the Syndicate’s radar and hacked his way into the Apex Games with the goal of exposing the Syndicate.

An upcoming Town Takeover will likely further his backstory and give fans valuable hints about his past—and possibly his future—as Apex evolves.