Hacked banner in Kings Canyon hints at Crypto Town Takeover

"If you can see me, I can."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ mysterious hacker may get a new Town Takeover at some point. New clues in Kings Canyon hint that Crypto may change the landscape of the arena once again.

Players spotted a hacked banner with a mysterious binary code and Crypto’s EMP symbol. The text translates to “if you can see me, I can,” and the glitchy banner sits near Repulsor alongside some flags.

But the banner may not be the end of the hints. Data miner Shrugtal mentioned that “it’s not over yet” and upcoming teasers could help spell out the rest of the message.

Crypto hacked his way into the Apex Games during Apex’s third season. He made a brief appearance in the trailer for Apex‘s season two by taking out the Repulsor Tower and allowing wildlife into Kings Canyon. Fittingly enough, the clues stand next to the POI he destroyed.

The hacker doesn’t have as much lore as some of the other legends, which may be in part due to his mysterious persona to remain low under the Syndicate’s radar. Before becoming Crypto, Tae Joon Park was an orphan in the streets of Suotamo. To escape poverty, he became a computer engineer alongside his foster sister, Mila Alexander.

The pair worked with the Syndicate and designed drones to broadcast the Apex Games. But they stumbled onto an important company secret and the Syndicate soon came knocking. The organization murdered Mila and framed Tae Joon for the crime, which left him with no choice but to abandon his former identity. He hacked his way into the Apex Games as a competitor known as Crypto.

The Town Takeover lines up with speculation about a possible upcoming event in Apex. Data miners uncovered mentions of a treasure hunter event in the game files, which could kick off next week based on a countdown on the loot bunkers. Respawn hasn’t officially announced the event, however, but the EA Play Live broadcast is a prime opportunity for a major reveal.