Apex data miner spots countdown at entrance of Kings Canyon loot bunker

Players should be ready to enter the bunker in a week.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

From an underground Hammond Robotics facility to loot bunkers, Kings Canyon houses plenty of secrets in Apex Legends. And now, Respawn may have teased the next one with a mysterious countdown at the entrance to a loot bunker.

Data miner Biast12 found a mysterious countdown on the hatch on the south side of the map. The loot vault is accessible when dropping into the map, but the countdown means that Respawn aims to open it to all players in a little over a week. Biast12 also reports that unlike the one in Salvage, the bunker near Bridges doesn’t have an active countdown.

The date lines up with the information found by Shrugtal, one of Apex’s most prolific data miners. The loot vaults would open up gradually, according to him, with each having a “start to open” phase and a “ready to enter” phase.

The loot bunker near Salvage is supposed to start opening today, according to Shrugtal. The countdown is likely part of the initial phase and the vault could become accessible next Tuesday, June 23. Subsequent loot bunkers might follow the same process each week.

Fans are expecting big news for Apex in the upcoming EA Play Live presentation, which takes place on June 18. A big announcement for an event or Town Takeover would be in line with Apex‘s usual schedule, which delivers limited-time events throughout the season.

Data miners also uncovered mentions of a possible treasure-hunter themed event, which would be a perfect fit with both the explorer theme present in Fortune’s Favor and Loba’s original character design as a treasure hunter. The EA Play Live broadcast will provide Respawn with a golden opportunity to announce an event of this magnitude.