Apex data miner teases release date for Kings Canyon’s locked loot bunkers

Players will be able to enter them just weeks from now, according to Shrugtal.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players may have spotted locked hatches around the center of Kings Canyon. But they may not remain sealed off for long, according to one of Apex‘s most prolific data miners.

Shrugtal revealed the potential location and release date of each individual bunker—and there’s reportedly legendary loot in each of them from golden weapons to knockdown shields. Although the unlocking process will begin gradually, Shrugtal said the vaults “will eventually all be open.”

The bunkers are scattered around Kings Canyon. The first one is located in the southern part of the map near Water Treatment. Two other structures are located in the center of the map, while another sits between Capacitor and the river. In total, players will be able to loot a golden knockdown shield and fully-kitted versions of the Havoc, Prowler, and Sentinel.

The bunkers will start opening on June 16, according to Shrugtal, and the first structure will be fully accessible starting on June 23. A new bunker will reportedly open each week until they’re all unlocked by July 14.

One of the bunkers is already accessible from the dropship if players know where to land: an underground crevice close to the intersection between The Broken Coast and Water Treatment.

Loot bunkers are another part of Apex‘s updates to Kings Canyon with season five. Respawn infamously destroyed Skull Town and the Thunderdome and added a new area called Salvage where they used to be. The northeastern portion of the map also got an overhaul with the addition of Capacitor and Rig as part of Respawn’s plans to increase player travel to that region.

Design director Jason McCord already teased that the hatches would be unlocked over the course of the season. “We’re doing something kind of new, where we have some stuff that is there, but is not unlocked yet,” he said about the structures in an interview with VG247. “And we’re going to unlock it at a certain time, that lines up with some other stuff that we have coming.”

Data-mined information is based on the game files and is therefore subject to change. Respawn will still have to confirm the official release dates and will likely reveal each bunker as the season quest progresses.

Shrugtal, however, is one of the most well-known data miners in the Apex community. And based on the previous statements by Respawn that loot bunkers are coming, players can expect to plunder them sooner rather than later.