Apex bug mixes characters’ skills and visuals

Be extra careful when shooting decoys.

Image via Electronic Arts

You’re on the hunt in Apex Legends, prowling your way through a quiet part of the map. You think you saw movement in the distance. When you take a careful look through your Longbow scope, you see an Octane running head first in your direction. You aim for the perfect headshot and pull the trigger, only to discover it was somehow a Mirage decoy.

That impossible scenario could actually be possible. A recently-discovered bug in Apex Legends mixed different characters’ skins and abilities.

The player who posted a video of the glitch on Reddit was using a combination of Mirage and Octane. While his banner clearly showcased Octane’s appearance, his HUD displayed Mirage’s skills, including his trademark decoy. Using his tactical skill would even activate the Holographic Trickster’s quotes. But instead of producing a perfect Mirage double, it sent out a copy of Octane, complete with his own running animations.

It’s still unclear what caused the bug or if it’s visible to other players. Some users speculated that the bug was just an anticipated glimpse of a forthcoming Mirage-themed event. Apex is getting a Duos event on Nov. 5, and according to some users, it could have a focus on the Holographic Trickster.

The bug incited a surprisingly positive reaction on Reddit, however. Some users thought the ability to send copies of different legends would be a welcome addition to Mirage’s kit and possibly trick enemies into shooting decoys more often. Another player went as far as to suggest a “decoy wheel” that would allow Mirage to send copies of himself and his squadmates as a possible buff to Apex’s charming trickster.