Limited-time Duos mode coming to Apex Legends

It takes two to tango.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

When the Apex Legends community asks, Respawn Entertainment delivers.

A limited-time Duos mode was revealed on the Apex Twitter today, which will go live on Nov. 5. The new game mode has been one of the most fan-requested features since the battle royale’s conception.

It’s unclear how well teams of two will work on Apex’s new map, World’s Edge. The icy and molten lava terrain is expansive and far bigger than Kings Canyon. Limiting the population on the map may result in fewer firefights and stagnant gameplay.

Although Respawn hasn’t revealed how many total players the Duos mode will allow, a workaround to this concern may be to fill the lobby with more legends.

But judging from the extreme success that Apex’s Solos mode had, which was introduced with the Iron Crown patch, the Duos mode will likely thrive in a similar fashion. Solos allowed players to leave behind griefing teammates who’d abandon the lobby before it even began. Players didn’t have to rely on anyone but themselves.

While Duos won’t solve that issue entirely, players will be able to grab their best friend⁠—or their most talented friend⁠—and become Outlands royalty.

Respawn hasn’t announced how long the Duos mode will be in the battle royale. But one thing’s for sure—when it’s removed, it’ll be missed.