Apex blog post leaks R-301, Rampage in season 13 crafting rotation

But is the leaked rotation real? Or just misdirection from developers?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is in the midst of the ramp-up to season 13, with trailers and new information about changes coming to the game coming almost every day now. Monday brought the full gameplay trailer for Saviors, as well as a full breakdown of the map changes in store for Storm Point.

Some eagle-eyed Reddit users, however, noticed a very different bit of news included in the map changes blog post. 

In a screenshot of the Storm Point map posted in the update, demonstrating where the new POI and IMC armories are located, the crafting rotation is included in the top right of the map, as it usually is. This crafting rotation shows the R-301 and the Rampage LMG as the craftable weapons, however, while the Flatline and Longbow are nowhere to be seen. Reddit user Spyrogrunt2, alongside a host of social media users, noticed this new crafting rotation almost immediately.

Was this a developer oversight? Or was this intentionally put onto the map in order to mislead players? It wouldn’t be the first time Respawn tried to employ a bit of misdirection with the Apex community, as the studio tries to stay ahead of dataminers and leakers. It’s very possible that this displayed crafting rotation is just the devs trolling players, and nothing more.

On the other hand, season 12 was the first one to feature weapons in replicators, and it’s difficult to tell exactly discern Respawn’s plans for weapons in the replicator going forward. The original plan may have been to change the two weapons in the replicator every season. If that’s the case, then replacing the Flatline with the R-301 makes sense, as the two assault rifles are so often compared to each other. And if rumors are indeed true that the Spitfire comes out of the care package in season 13, taking the other heavy ammo LMG out of the ground loot pool also seems like a smart move.

For now, take the “leaked” crafting rotation with several grains of salt. Chances are still decent that there won’t be any changes to the weapons in the crafting rotation, and the image was intentionally changed to keep players on their toes as they look for leaks.

If this crafting rotation does turn out to be true, however, get ready to start pinging light ammo. There’s going to be plenty of R-301s going around the Outlands.


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