Anvil Receiver could return to Apex in season 8, according to preview video

A video on the 30-30 Repeater may have contained an extra secret or two.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The 30-30 Repeater Rifle may not be the only change in weapon balance with Apex Legends’ next season. The Anvil Receiver hop-up could also make a return, according to an early access video released today.

SoaR general manager Dazs shared a video that gave fans a first look at the 30-30 Repeater Rifle but also gave a glimpse at a potential returning hop-up: the Anvil Receiver. Players can spot the attachment on the floor and in the HUD during a handful of moments of the video.

The Anvil Receiver is clearly visible in several parts of the video. It’s most notable, however, when Dazs picks up a Flatline, which clearly shows an empty slot for the attachment. In addition, the HUD shows the hop-up by name and players can notice two gold hop-ups when Dazs is walking past the heavy weapon racks in the Firing Range: one is the Skullpiercer and the other is the Anvil Receiver.

The Anvil Receiver was a part of Apex during seasons three and four. It was only compatible with the R-301 and the Flatine and it improved single-fire damage on both weapons at the expense of consuming two ammo per shot and reducing their rate of fire.

The Anvil Receiver will likely continue to be exclusive to the Flatline and the R-301 if it returns in season eight. So far, the attachment is compatible with weapons that can alternate to single-fire without any hop-ups—a description that mostly encompasses those two weapons and the Hemlok.

The Anvil Receiver will likely make its way to Apex when Mayhem launches on Feb. 2.