Another leaked Apex Legends trailer might have hinted at the rumored legend, Crypto

A lot is being revealed at once.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Another Apex Legends trailer has been leaked. A few hours after what seems to be the season two introduction trailer was revealed by data miners, a second video shows more of the lore behind the game.

An unknown character holding a laptop seems to be hacking into a system on the Apex island. Meanwhile, legends are fighting each other as if nothing is happening. When the mysterious character finishes hacking, the island’s repulsor falls and breaks, leaving the island vulnerable to attacks by the creatures that were first surrounding it.

The laptop that appears in the trailer might be related to the one that players recently spotted on the Apex island. There are mysterious words in its code that so far mean very little, like “Countermeasure Obfuscation” and some kind of breach.

If all of these hints are tied to each other, they could be related to a leaked legend called Crypto. Data miners found Crypto to be related to hacking and control over other devices since some code related to him mentions “signal jammed” and “blocking sonar.” Other than that, all we know is that if Crypto is coming to Apex, he could be wielding a sword.

This new trailer shows little additional footage, however. Both this one and the other that was leaked earlier today might be released together if Respawn or EA confirm them at 12pm CT. That’s when further details about Apex’s season two should be confirmed and revealed.

Season two starts on July 2 and will also feature the release of a new legend called Wattson, a new gun, and several new character and weapon skins, as well as a ranked mode that goes from Bronze to Apex Predator ranks.