All of Rhapsody’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

She's definitely feeling the beat.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile‘s second season, Distortion, is upon us. As is traditional for new seasons, fans will be able to play as a new legend, check out new modes and maps, and read over balance changes. Distortion’s new legend is Rhapsody, a musical character who’s bringing her great sense of rhythm and her robot companion Rowdy to the Apex Games.

Rhapsody was featured in Distortion’s launch trailer, where players got a glimpse of her powerful abilities. Like Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone, Rowdy features prominently in Rhapsody’s skills and personality. Rhapsody has also received perks similar to those of other legends that tweak and adjust the way her abilities work.

Here are all of Rhapsody’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile.

All of Rhapsody’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

As revealed in season two’s patch notes, Rhapsody’s abilities are all music-themed. Her passive, Gifted Ear, enables her to hear sounds from an extended range. These sounds are also visualized on screen, giving her a more specific idea of where the noise is coming from. Her tactical, Hype Anthem, sees her playing a music track that speeds up nearby allies, similar to Lucio’s speed boost in Overwatch. Hype Anthem also slowly recharges nearby allies’ shields. Both effects are canceled if Rhapsody takes damage.

Rhapsody’s ultimate involves Rowdy. Called Rowdy’s Rave, activating it causes Rowdy to project a large screen made of light. Enemies can’t see through the screen, and legends like Bloodhound can’t scan through it to determine you and your teammates’ positions. It’s a powerful defensive ability that allows Rhapsody and her squad to get the jump on opposing teams.

Like all other legends in Apex Legends Mobile, Rhapsody has her own perks tree that unlocks unique, equipable tweaks to her abilities as you play. Some of her perks include Volume Control, which temporarily grants Gifted Ear to allies affected by Hype Anthem, and Rowdy’s Rhythm, which grants faster reload times to squadmates standing close to Rowdy while Rowdy’s Rave is active. The full progression perks tree is available in-game.

Rhapsody is available now in Apex Legends Mobile.