All 12 gravity lift locations at World’s Edge, Kings Canyon in Apex Legends

It's a lot of work for a "Wee Experiment."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is slowly wrapping up its sixth season, and the hype levels for the next one is already off the charts. Apex‘s seventh season will be arriving with a new champion, Horizon, and she’s been setting the stage for her great debut for a couple of weeks now.

It started with Horizon taking over the training grounds, where she assigned each player missions to complete to help with her “Wee Experiment.”

If you’ve already completed the following quests, then you’ll be eligible for the second round of “A Wee Experiment” challenges where you’ll need to activate the gravity lifts scattered around World’s Edge and Kings Canyon.

  • Deal 10 damage while in midair
  • Get 10 knockdowns
  • Outlive 120 opponents

Each of the missions above grants you one of the three pieces of the gravity lift keycard, meaning you won’t be able to activate them before completing them first.

All gravity lift locations in World’s Edge

  • Fragment West, next to the multi-layer open building on the west side
  • Fragment West, southwest corner of the most northwest building
  • Refinery, inside the central part of the largest building
  • Skyhook, just south of the building with the respawn beacon
  • Sorting Factory, inside the central part of the biggest building
  • Train Yard, at ground-level, near where the replicator spawns when it’s present

All gravity lift locations in Kings Canyon

  • Airbase, out in the open in the northern section of the landmark
  • Artillery Battery, in the north-most section, just outside of the indoor area
  • Artillery Battery, south of Artillery, near the small outside building
  • North Watchtower, at ground-level on the southeast side of the tower
  • Repulsor Station, Inside the wall at the west-most side
  • The Cage, just north of western side central cage building
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment | Remix via Ethan Ken

You’ll need to interact with the gravity lifts to activate them, and they’ll start releasing a beacon toward the sky. Stepping inside of this beam will allow you to take flight, just like the bounce pads in Fortnite. Though it isn’t known whether the lifts are here to stay, they’ve been a great source to use while rotating to high ground and also to check out your surrounding for any approaching enemies.