A new ability for Apex Legends’ Wattson has been leaked

She could be released this season.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

According to a number of data mines, the next playable character for Apex Legends is named Wattson. This hasn’t been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment, but it looks like she’s set to be released this season—sometime before the end of June.

Multiple leaks from the game’s files have hinted at the Legend’s possible characteristics, including her name, appearance, and ultimate. And the latest leak by Apex Legends News reveals another one of her potential abilities.


The ability is an interesting one, too. Wattson can apparently link two posts together, creating an Electric Fence that only she can climb. It looks like this could be used to get a height advance in a teamfight or to bait her opponents into taking unnecessary damage.

It’s a promising new mechanic that can only help further develop the metagame of Apex. Wattson’s leaked ultimate ability fits a similar theme, too. It’s called Telsa Trap, which looks to be some kind of electric tripwire. When an enemy steps on it, it explodes. The combination of the two abilities add tons of playmaking potential.

If Wattson is finally released onto the live servers, players will have to actively be aware of her presence, making sure not to fall into one of her traps. This will only increase the skill cap of the game.