Zelda fans are worried Tom Holland playing Link in live-action film is actually real 

Could we have another Chris Pratt situation on our hands?

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In the wake of The Super Mario Bros. Movie unveiling its most bizarre casting list back in 2021, fans have been throwing out the most obscure ideas for upcoming video game films, and the latest appears to be Tom Holland as Link.

The internet is obsessed with the idea of Spider-Man taking off the suit and donning a sword and shield for Nintendo and Sony’s upcoming The Legend of Zelda movie, but for most, this obsession stems from fear.

It is worth noting that, as of today, Nintendo has not unveiled any of the cast for its upcoming live-action Zelda film. Given the little we know about this film, it’s likely no one has been cast for the role of Link right now, but even with what we do know, speculation has begun.

Back in 2022, Zelda fans were fooled into thinking Holland would play Link thanks to a viral AI poster that began circulating on social media. Naturally, now a real film is in the works, this poster is doing the rounds again.

Fueling the Tom Holland fire this time is the fact Avi Arad is producing the film. He previously worked as a producer for multiple of Holland’s biggest movies including the Spider-Man trilogy and Uncharted. Again, we will reiterate, that this doesn’t mean he’ll be playing Link; you can relax for now.

Holland isn’t the only big-name star to get a social boost with the Zelda movie announcement. Chris Pratt is also living a second life as Nintendo fans joke he should play another icon. 

Could you imagine a reality where Pratt continues to play these huge Nintendo roles to the point we get a multiverse-style Smash Bros. movie that features exclusively Pratt characters? We definitely can, and that’s a reality we don’t want to live in. Fortunately, the chances of getting Pratt as the lead in this movie are almost zero.

The good news: Derek Connolly is writing the script for the film. He previously worked on the 2019 hit Pokémon Detective Pikachu, so we’d say it’s in the hands of someone who understands Zelda.

There is likely going to be a long wait before we receive any official casting news for The Legend of Zelda movie, so in the meantime we suggest Zelda franchise fans strap in for the rollercoaster of emotions this casting could be.


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