What will the new Legend of Zelda movie be about?

There's so many stories.

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Nintendo is now officially making a live-action The Legend of Zelda movie, leaving many fans wondering what the story of the movie will be about. There are a few successful ways the Zelda movie can approach this.

Here’s what The Legend of Zelda plot could be about when the movie finally releases in theaters.

Adapting a game story for The Legend of Zelda movie

One of the most important things for fans of games is seeing the stories of their favorite series adapted right. Where the themes and plot of a game are handled with a level of reverence for the source material. 

This is vital when bringing to life a beloved series like The Legend of Zelda, which is renowned for its deep lore and intricate connections between games.

There is a shot of a young Link playing on the ocarina. There is a castle yard behind him.
Young Link plays a song on an ocarina. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

One route a Zelda movie can take is to adapt one of the stories from some of the biggest games Nintendo has released. This means being faithful to a specific part of the Zelda timeline and translating a specific story fans have already played. While it may not be something new added to the franchise, it will adapt something Zelda fans absolutely love.

The best candidates include classics like Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild, and A Link to the Past. Each of these games was not only very popular but also key points in the tapestry which is the Zelda timeline. Whether it’s the first appearance of iconic characters or franchise-rocking events that took place, any of these stories could make for a great live-action film.

Would it be better to adapt one of the older games or newer games? Either direction can work, depending on how Nintendo wants to approach it. Some of the most recent games from Nintendo cover earlier parts of the Zelda timeline, such as Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. Covering the origin of Hyrule in some way could also be a great approach when introducing movie-goers to this world.

There is a shot of Link pulling the Master Sword from its stone. There is grass and tiles around him on the ground.
Link pulls the Master Sword from the stone. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

However, if the Zelda movie does adapt one of the classic releases, it could portray a world that feels “lived-in” with a long history behind it. Ocarina of Time may be one of the most popular games of the series, but it still has a deep history that sets up the version of Hyrule we see. 

Much like how Tolkien’s world of Middle-Earth has a long history before we see it in The Lord of the Rings, Hyrule can be given the same type of treatment.

An original plot for the live-action The Legend of Zelda movie

Seeing one of the Zelda games’ plots adapted into a movie would be interesting, but some fans would argue having an original story would be much better. A big characteristic of the Zelda series is how each game has its own original story, despite parallel themes and familiar elements. No two games have the same plot, but you can recognize some parts that look similar, which makes an interesting ensemble of stories that are related yet original.

If the live-action movie is to be included within the Zelda timeline, it would make sense for the story to have the same approach. The story can still take place in a land called Hyrule and follow characters like Link and Zelda, but it doesn’t need to follow the same beats as previous stories.

There is a shot of Link standing on a rock and looking off into the distance of Hyrule. There is a sun and clouds in the sky above.
Link stares at the land of Hyrule in the distance. Image by Nintendo.

All the Zelda games have characters and legendary items with similar names and functions, but creatively utilize them in stories that feel fresh each time. Link can still be a hero who finds the Master Sword, but he doesn’t necessarily need to be the “hero of time” and find the sword in the same way he has in any previous game. Zelda can still be a princess of Hyrule battling Ganondorf, but she doesn’t need to be absent for most of Link’s adventure. Things can be different and still have reverence for the legacy of the series.

The extra creative room given by not being tied down to any of the plots from the games will make for a more interesting story, yet at the same time still have the essence and thematic elements that are true to Zelda games. 

Fans who watch the movie won’t be concerned about what is adapted right, but instead be immersed in a new Zelda story they haven’t experienced before.


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