The band behind the hardest Song in Guitar Hero just dropped a new Zelda Song

It's a banger.

Boy wearing green outfit on a horse in Zelda.
Image via Nintendo

Dragonforce, a well-known British power metal band, just released a song based on The Legend of Zelda series called “Power of the Triforce.”

DragonForce’s latest track released on Oct. 19. 2023 alongside a music video that sees the band defeating Zelda-inspired goons inside a medieval structure while using the power of the Master Sword. There’s even lightning coming out of their guitars for good measure.

Power of the Triforce is very similar to previous works by the power metal band, with lead guitarist Herman Li showing off his incredible stum speed. It made us long for the good old days of trying to play Dragonforce’s “Through the Fire and the Flames” on Expert difficulty in Guitar Hero 3. Fans of the band should feel right at home with the familiar style. 

When we first saw the video, we were a little worried DragonForce could be hearing from Nintendo’s lawyers, as the company didn’t officially endorse the song and has previously taken legal action against those using its properties without permission. However, after watching the entire video, we can safely say nothing about it could prompt any nasty lawyers. Even though the words “Triforce,” “Hyrule,” and “Master sword” are used quite frequently, none of Zelda’s locations, props, or copyrighted material seems to have been used.

This isn’t the first DragonForce song to be centered on a video game. Many of the band’s tracks are based on popular video game franchises, and some of their music videos even feature licensed video game products, such as a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis game console. 

If you’re looking for another great song based on a video game, then it’s worth checking out the recently released League of Legends World Championship “GODS” music video—we even found all the Easter eggs in it for you.


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