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Best highlights from Tears of the Kingdom so far

May 2023 was a good month to be a Zelda fan.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been a monumental title for Nintendo already, selling over 10 million copies in the first three days after launch. It’s been just as successful across social media, going viral since the game was released. There have been a lot of clips shared across social media showing everything from the most impressive builds to the worst fails.

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We’ve compiled a list of some of the most impressive highlights from TOTK from the game since its release on May 12.

Best community moments from Tears of the Kingdom

There are a lot of different types of clips being shared across the internet, from some of the best builds to people realizing the error of their ways. Regardless, these moments are being widely enjoyed by the larger gaming audience.

There may be some minor spoilers for Zelda: TOTK in the clips and posts below.

Most impressive Tears of the Kingdom builds and inventions

From giant robots to genius inventions, players have been able to accomplish some really amazing things in TOTK.

Even the most simple tricks deserve recognition and one player claims they were able to explore the entire Depths map before they even got a Paraglider due to one trick. Using the Recall ability, they hold a log over the chasm, then pull it back before activating the skill. Before it starts moving back over the hole, they climb on and wait for it to drop to the bottom, hitting the ground before they do.

One example includes one player’s genius idea to make fireworks by attaching a time bomb to the top of a rocket, then attaching different ChuChu jelly or things like Dazzlefruit to the bomb before you send it up. When it explodes, it will create a large cloud of light and other effects.

What’s even more impressive than that is that someone on Twitter was able to create what is basically the equivalent of a car’s suspension using the Zonai Cooking Pots that can be found in the Gacha devices around TOTK.

If you’ve been playing for a considerable amount of time in TOTK, then you’ve likely seen a fair share of the bat swarms that fly across the skies of Hyrule. As it turns out, one user was able to find a quick solution for dealing with them, if a bit inhumane. They simply built an extremely large laser bug zapper and it works like a charm.

Another cool build shows one user’s invention for getting through the Depths without the need to keep firing Brightbloom seeds. They’ve built a cart with a Brightbloom seed on the back and a battery on the front, allowing them to drive through the Depths and across the Gloom puddles without a care in the world.

The only limit is the player’s battery, but these can be increased and recharged. Not to mention that players can attach external batteries that look like the vat of blue liquid in the video below.

If that’s too simple for you, there are also whole efforts online devoted to seeing who can create the best robot build, with one user on YouTube showing a Gundam robot that can be controlled by Link. In the video, the player takes on whole settlements while a killer soundtrack plays in the background.

Going even a step further, the same YouTube channel has shared a clip of an attack helicopter someone made. Not only does it fly well above Hyrule, but it’s also equipped with rockets to ensure that any poor Bokoblin settlements don’t survive the onslaught.

If that’s not enough for your arsenal of TOTK weaponized vehicles, then consider the satellite-based tank that one user on Reddit made. It’s a feat of engineering and one that I could not even begin to tell you how to make. However they did it, it’s one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen in any game with a building mechanic.

Worst Tears of the Kingdom fails

While there have been many great moments in Tears of the Kingdom, players have also made their fair share of mistakes since the game was released. I know I have, but making mistakes and improving upon your methods is one of the best parts of this Zelda title.

The horses in TOTK often have a mind of their own, which can often lead to accidents involving them when they’re spooked or when you forget to slow down in time. One Redditor who’s encountering TOTK as their first Zelda game had one encounter on their horse with a monster. This is a really common occurrence until you become familiar with the horse.

There are also moments when a player will fail upwards, somehow accomplishing an objective through their failure.

One example is one of the more daunting shrines at first glance where one player accidentally activated a switch that caused a secondary door to open and reward them with a chest. It’s unclear how exactly this happened, but an object can be seen flying off from the back of the shrine.

A lesser-recognized example with amazing comedic timing is one user who can’t seem to figure out how to access a ladder in the game. From jumping and missing it entirely to slipping off, this user couldn’t seem to get a grip, literally. Hopefully, Link got up there eventually, but it’s not looking likely.

One Disney fan seemingly wanted to create the house from the movie Up, attaching balloons to the top of a simple house. While the idea is brilliant, the execution caused a failure at launch and the house quickly fell to the ground before catching flame. I don’t know why, but the smiley face on the side, as it burns to the ground, might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

As if it couldn’t get any better, it completely collapses on top of Link, leaving him standing there holding the controls and looking disappointed he can no longer go to Paradise Falls.

One user attempted to make the most high-powered aircraft in Hyrule, with the video building up a lot of tension as you wait for the player to put it in position in a launcher. As soon as they do, it is immediately flipped and destroyed by the mechanism, throwing them to the ground below. Honestly, this one’s probably on them.

Another player in the Zelda subreddit showed how they tackled one of the shrines that ask players to hit a large button using a lever. They tried their best and unfortunately, they paid the price for it without even hitting the button they were aiming for.

In the Wind Temple’s boss fight against Colgera, one player had some issues staying afloat, with Link first bouncing off the monster’s spines before falling through the weak spot. While unconventional, they did manage to damage the weaker spot on the monster so it’s really just another example of failing in the right direction. As always, Tulin is there to provide words of encouragement.

Best Tears of the Kingdom memes

This is more of a wide-ranging category, but there have been so many funny posts that have originated from the TOTK launch that it deserves its own section.

Some of the best clips from BOTW were the moments when everything happened so fast and perfectly that you had to respect it. A recent clip on Twitter showcases on character’s machine that works as it came from Looney Tunes. After knocking an enemy down, they use the blueprint ability to quickly place a machine to smack the enemy repeatedly in the face.

One user who recently tried some new cooking ingredients remarked how their dish looked like the Dubious Food from TOTK and we’re inclined to agree. Luckily, they stated that it ended up being pretty delicious, even if the appearance left much to be desired. Some have pointed out it looks more like the Rock Hard Food, but either description works really.

One player on Reddit points out the all-too-common occurrence of just making a really long bridge when the game proposes a new challenge. It’s not a bad strategy and one that has helped save many Koroks and worked as a solution to many of the shrines’ puzzles. Simplicity isn’t a bad thing and TOTK rewards the player no matter how they’re able to accomplish goals.

Another clip on Reddit seems to show one of the large Bokoblins committing an act of cannibalism after the player kills them. While there’s some confusion on what specifically he picked up, the original poster claims that they think it was Bokoblin Guts that the monster picked up and ate. This confirms that the fruits you see the monsters collecting around the world aren’t their only diet.

Many players heralded TOTK as a perfect sequel for BOTW, with some players even making sure to recreate an infamous shot in the first game’s cave of awakening. Link can be seen running out much like in the first title, with the only clear giveaway that its different being that Link’s arm is made of metal from the prologue.

A Ganondorf fan posted a video of Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara from Buzzfeed Unsolved, with text saying Ganondorf and the Gerudo second in command, respectively. Shane dances around taunting Ryan as normal, alluding to how Ganondorf had no issue just coming in and taking control straight out of the gate in TOTK.

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