All Battle Talus locations in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Find, or avoid, these hulking creatures.

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features plenty of returning enemies from the prior title, Breath of the Wild. Along with Bokoblins of almost every type, you will likely encounter the Battle Talus during your playthrough. But knowing the location of the Battle Talus is vital.

If you are looking to see all known Battle Talus locations, whether to avoid these creatures or to hunt them down, this is everything you need to know.

What is a Battle Talus in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Battle Talus is a giant stone monster that hides underground and only emerges once it starts combat. The stone behemoth also usually acts as an enemy camp, holding up several Bokoblins. This means you will need to fight this hulking Battle Talus and dodge enemy projectiles.

As you can guess, since this creature is typically well-hidden and hardly distinguishable from the average Bokoblin encampment, the Battle Talus can often take players by surprise. I often thought I was sneaking up on some unsuspecting enemies, but it turned out I was in for a much more difficult mini-boss fight.

Where to find every Battle Talus in Tears of the Kingdom

Image of Tears of the Kingdom map with red circles marking the 15 known Battle Talus locations.
All Battle Talus Locations in TOTK | Screenshot and remix by Dot Esports

There are 15 known Battle Talus locations in TOTK. I initially found the Battle Talus to be an intimidating foe, partly because most melee weapons are almost always ineffective. So you should, after dispatching any Bokoblins atop the Battle Talus, try to board either by waiting for an attack opening or by using your Ascend ability.

Slaying a Battle Talus will grant you access to the Bokoblin’s chest, which unlocks after defeating all enemies in the encampment. Like all chests, these can contain weapons, arrows, food, or other valuable resources.

The exact location of every Battle Talus in Tears of the Kingdom

Below are all the known coordinates and locations of Battle Taluses around Hyrule. I also put an image above to see those coordinates on the map.

Gama CoveEast Necluda(3263, -3412,0027)
Hills of BaumerEast Neclude(0587, -1947, 0065)
Sahasra SlopeWest Neclude(1268, -1154, 0073)
Hopper PondCentral Hyrule(-1101, -1668, 0073)
Batrea LakeHyrule Field(0778, -1212, 0025)
Whistling HillHyrule Field(-0119, -0800, 0034)
Regencia RiverHyrule Field(-1353, -0792, 0009)
Washa’s BluffHyrule Ridge(-2514, -0113, 0125)
Royal Ancient Lab RuinsHyrule Ridge(-1445, 1012, 0136)
Hyrule Castle MoatHyrule Field(-0776, 0794, 0046)
Kolami BridgeTabantha Frontier(-3111, 1295, 0154)
Passer HillTabantha Frontier(-4388, 1930, 0111)
Romani Plains Hyrule Field(0211, 0531, 0028)
Orsedd BridgeHyrule Field(0614, 0547, 0026)
South Akkala PlainsAkkala Highlands(2982, 1482, 0284)

How to beat a Battle Talus in Tears of the Kingdom

You’ll need precision, speed, or just a lot of luck to take down the Battle Talus. Regardless, we suggest using cover and coming prepared with a bow and arrows, and equipping the Ascend ability.

  1. Using a bow, take out the three Bokoblins riding the Talus.
  2. After defeating the Bokoblins, locate the big black rock on its shoulder. 
  3. Hitting the black rock will bring the Battle Talus to a knee, stunning it. 
  4. Now, quickly use your Ascend ability to maneuver through your enemy.
  5. Once atop the Battle Talus, attack the black rock with everything you’ve got. 
  6. You’ll eventually be thrown off, but repeat this process until you are victorious.
Tip: Utilize ZL

You can target the black rock with ZL if you feel the need or struggle with the fight.

Battle Talus drops in Tears of the Kingdom

When you defeat a Battle Talus it can drop the following items: Ruby, Opal, Amber, Flint.

  • Ruby
  • Opal
  • Amber
  • Flint

Good luck on your journey taking on the Battle Talus locations in Tears of the Kingdom.


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