WoW’s patch 9.1 will introduce text-to-speech accessibility options

The feature is currently not active.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands season two, Chains of Domination, is set to bring in a variety of changes and additions to the game, one of which being text-to-speech options.

With patch 9.1 now available on the public test realm, details of what’s to come have surfaced at a rapid rate.

In a post to Wowhead, the news of a new text-to-speech accessibility feature was first revealed.

The feature can be enabled in the settings menu of the game under the accessibility tab and boasts a whole selection of customization options that will be used to optimize which messages are read as TTS. Additionally, users can also choose the voice they are read in and its speed and volume.

While the settings are currently in the game, according to the post this feature has not been enabled in the PTR as it stands.

Introducing TTS to World of Warcraft will help many people with reading-related issues get a better handle on what’s being said in-game.

As highlighted in the post, to enable these options a player would need the ability to read and navigate through the menus. In the future, this process should be optimized for those players who will be utilizing the feature.

Blizzard Entertainment previously introduced a variety of accessibility features to assist all players who may suffer from physical limitations. These include the color-blind mode, gamepad support, and motion sickness reduction.

Patch 9.1 does not have a firm release date right now, however, it is expected to launch sometime this summer.