Nightmare Incursions event in WoW SoD phase 3
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WoW SoD: How to get Flask of Nightmarish Mojo in Season of Discovery

Come get da Mojo!

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery phase three added a couple of new recipes for crafting professions. For Alchemy, these recipes are Flask of Everlasting Nightmares, Flask of Restless Dreams, and Flask of Nightmarish Mojo.

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While the first two are used like regular flasks that buff your base stats for one hour, Flask of Nightmarish Mojo has a different purpose. So far, the only known use of this item is as a quest item for Signets of the Lost Temple. This quest starts with Zalgo the Explorer in the northwestern part of Stranglethorn Vale. The rewards are unique shoulder enchants that increase your attack power, damage, and healing done. So, here’s how to get Flask of Nightmarish Mojo in Season of Discovery

How to get Flask of Nightmarish Mojo in Season of Discovery

As usual, you can buy Flask of Nightmarish Mojo from the auction house or make it yourself. This item isn’t soulbound, and you can freely trade it. 

I have to warn you that the prices of consumables, reagents, and quest items early in the update are really expensive. For example, one Flask of Nightmarish Mojo is going for little less than 300 gold on my realm. 

Flask of Nightmarish Mojo being sold on auction house
This is expensive. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can make Flask of Nightmarish Mojo yourself using these materials:

Before you start gathering the necessary materials, make sure to unlock Epic crafting in phase three. This is a lengthy quest chain that starts with Nightmare Incursions and An Amalgamation of Nightmares. You can learn this recipe if your profession skill is 250 or above. Just like Epic crafting recipes from past phases, you have to travel around Azeroth to complete it. There’s no need to rush completing this quest chain and getting the shoulder enchants. The quest chain is quite long, and phase three will last at least two months. You’ll have more than enough time to complete it.

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