WoW devs working to fix game-breaking perfect interrupt macro

The macro completely removes any margin of error for interrupting spellcasts.

Night Elf Warlock casting a spell.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The World of Warcraft Dragonflight devs have put out an update today saying they’re working on a fix for a game-breaking macro that allows players to perfectly cast their interrupt spells without any risk of error. 

The macro, at its core, does not allow you to cast your interrupt spell unless your target is casting a spell. The macro literally makes it impossible for you to mistime your interrupt spell or overlap yours with another player, as you will be prevented from casting it if your target does not have an active spellcast.  

WoW’s interrupt abilities (informally known as “kicks”) need to be lined up with enemy spellcasts, and there is room for human error when it comes to casting them. However, when you use this macro, the margin of error falls to near-zero. 

The macro was shown off in a video by WoW content creator Bicmex, who used a Hunter’s Muzzle spell to perfectly interrupt a Priest’s Flash Heal in their demonstration. However, it’s possible to take the lines of script associated with this macro and make them correlate to any of the interrupt spells in your kit. Even hard-CC abilities like Paladin’s Hammer of Justice or Monk’s Leg Sweep can theoretically be slotted into the code of the macro, making it extremely valuable and dangerous. 

It’s unclear how long this macro has been in the game or how long players have been abusing it. 

The macro has exceptional uses in both PvP and PvE content, as it absolutely trivializes interrupting spells, which is a core gameplay mechanic in WoW—and one that allows for a decent amount of skill expression and coordination within groups. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this issue is at the top of Blizzard’s radar. 

Still, we absolutely recommend against using this macro. Although the macro is technically a feature of the game that you can use to your advantage, it still falls under the obvious definition of an exploit. By working around the game’s core mechanics like this, you’re definitely putting yourself at risk of a ban if you use it. It’s expected that Blizzard will fix this bug sooner rather than later. 

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