WoW Classic Burning Crusade beta was a ‘bug,’ testing hasn’t started

Many players seemed to gain access last night.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Many World of Warcraft players started seeing a Classic Burning Crusade beta option in their client last night, making people think that testing would start today. But it seems like this was just a “bug,” according to Blizzard community manager Josh “Devolore” Allen.

Allen said last night that the beta had not started and that no one outside of Blizzard had been officially given access to it yet. 

Burning Crusade beta has NOT begun and no one outside of Blizzard has been flagged for access yet,” Allen said. “There’s a bug causing something to show up on the launcher for some people – this has nothing to do with whether or not you’ll have access when it goes live.”

If you didn’t see the Classic TBC beta option in your last night, that doesn’t mean you won’t get access to the beta when it actually begins. Additionally, getting that option last night doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a spot in the beta, either.

Blizzard hasn’t explained exactly what caused this “bug,” as Allen called it. 

Classic TBC was originally announced during BlizzConline in February. Blizzard told fans that they’d be getting a beta “soon™” (whatever that means).

WoW Classic’s final raid, Naxxramas, came out in December. If Blizzard plans to follow the same timeline it did when TBC was originally launched, the game should be live sometime in May.

But the later the developers push back the beta, the less likely it is that we could see Classic TBC before the start of the summer.