World of Warcraft’s Conquest cap increased with weekly reset

PvP gear should be a lot easier to obtain moving forward.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The weekly cap on Conquest points in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been increased with today’s weekly server reset, according to an announcement made by Blizzard Entertainment. 

Conquest, a currency used to purchase PvP gear in WoW, has been relatively hard to come by throughout the course of the Shadowlands expansion since only 550 Conquest had been able to be acquired by players each week. With today’s server reset, the weekly cap on Conquest has been increased to 1,100 per week. 

The increase of the Conquest cap should allow players in pursuit of PvP gear to accumulate the currency to purchase it more frequently. Previously, a cap of 550 Conquest per week only allowed players to purchase rings, trinkets, cloaks, and bracers within a span of one week. Now, the increase to the game’s weekly Conquest cap allows players to purchase every item available for sale at Oribos’ PvP vendors apart from certain one-handed and two-handed weapons. 

Right now, six weeks into the third season of Shadowlands, the overall Conquest cap for the season is 4,650, meaning that if you created a fresh character this week and leveled them to 60, they’d be able to freely earn 4,650 Conquest without any weekly restrictions. That total number would allow freshly leveled characters to purchase a helmet, chest piece, shoulderguards, bracers, gloves, and pants from Oribos’ PvP vendor. 

The update to WoW’s weekly Conquest cap is now live on North American servers and is expected to go live in Europe when the region undergoes its weekly reset tomorrow, April 13.