Team Liquid’s Maximum uses Evoker ability to grief teammate during WoW Dragonflight alpha

And it was hilarious.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The World of Warcraft Dragonflight alpha kicked off yesterday, and as you can imagine, all of the game’s top players are spending all of their time trying to learn as much as they can about the new expansion’s features.

Players have been testing out the game’s new zone and Dragonriding, but perhaps the most hype has gone into the testing of the game’s new race/class combo—Dracthyr Evoker.

The dragon race can only be one class, which has specializations in range DPS and healing, and practically anyone who has gone into the alpha has spent most of their time testing it out.

Going through all of the class’ abilities, the raid leader of Team Liquid, Maximum, found an interesting and hilarious way that he could interact with his teammates—and give them a little grief.

Targeting another player on his team, Max used the “Fly With Me” Evoker ability. The ability reads: “Swoop to an ally and fly with them to the target location.”

But in an effort to have a little bit of fun at his teammate’s expense, Max made the “target location” off the side of the map in the dungeon they were going through.

That’s right, Max swiftly flew by his teammate, picked them up off the ground, and glided his way off the map, killing both of their characters and sending them back to the start of the instance.

“Did you just give him the Stone Cold Stunner off the ledge?” one of his teammates said in voice comms.

In a tweet showing off his prank, Max admitted that Fly With Me is “insanely good,” but he added that it is also an overpowered way to “absolutely grief the fuck out of your friends.”

Max followed up those shenanigans by tweeting a video of a more appropriate use for Fly With Me. In the second video, his team was in a suboptimal position during an encounter. Telling his team that they needed to reposition, he communicated that he would use Fly With Me to pick up his otherwise slow-moving tank player and get them to a more advantageous spot.